Bet on your sexual health and win!

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“Play it smart and practice safer sex. Ante up by using a condom. Double down by knowing yourself and your partner’s HIV status. Bet on THIS Nevada! Because when you bet on your sexual health, you always win!”  That’s the important message being relayed by a recently launched website, mobile app and playing card set. offers a wealth of information on the most common sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDS testing locations and places to get free condoms throughout Nevada, and tips on condom use, safer oral sex and safer needle use. For those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, the website also provides a detailed guide of resources throughout Nevada and helps explain the Ryan White CARE Act programs. A “Living Well with HIV” care binder kit can be downloaded and printed to help positive persons list their doctors, support groups and other resources, keep a log of doctors’ orders and maintain a journal of daily feelings, activities and vital statistics. Numerous safer sex images and memes are also available to download and use on social media.

A highlight of the Bet On THIS Nevada campaign is the NV SexSafe app, downloadable from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for free. Designed like a slot machine, the SexSafe app has three reels: Gender Identity, Activity and Protection. Pull the handle and spin to receive information on risk factors and safety procedures for the combination that appears on the reels. The goal is to make it fun to learn valuable sexual knowledge.

Similar to the app, NV SexSafe playing cards are also being used in outreach efforts of groups such as Vegas Mpowerment Project. Each card lists a sexual activity, its risks and protection methods. The full deck may also be downloaded from and printed at home.